amnioscope s disposable, sterile

sterile. disposable. size s. with a transluscent window. ? 12 mm. easy grip handle. collective packaging (a cardboard box) 50 pcs. minimum purchase quantity 1 pc...

Product Code: G0648

7.02 zł Ex Tax: 6.50 zł

bacteriological swab with transport base, sterile

sterile applicators for smear test with transport probe. complete length 165 mm...

Product Code: G0495

1.49 zł Ex Tax: 1.38 zł

bag for medical waste - 60l red 20 pieces

heatlh-care waste bag. made of a thick foil. red. capacity 60 l. collective packaging 25 bags...

Product Code: G0659

9.80 zł Ex Tax: 7.97 zł

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