albis® cytological brush, fan type, sterile

cervical brush. sterile. brush length 26 mm. brush width 20 mm. total length 205 mm. collective packaging 100 pcs...

Product Code: G0078

0.89 zł Ex Tax: 0.82 zł

albis® cytological brush, sterile

straight. sterile. brush length 20 mm. total length 200 mm. collective packaging 100 pcs. minimum purchase quantity 1 pc...

Product Code: G1272

0.69 zł Ex Tax: 0.64 zł

albis® device for sampling material endometrium...

albis sterile endometrium and endocervix sample device. sound length 250 mm. ? 2.8 mm. cutting edge length 6 mm. the curved part lenght 80 mm, 30° angle. screwed into a syringe. vacu-lok syringe. the suction force equals 12 ml column of air...

Product Code: G0744

21.90 zł Ex Tax: 20.28 zł

albis® sterile brush for cytology, with ball sha...

straight ended with a ball. sterile. working part length 20 mm. total length 200 mm. collective packaging 100 pcs. minimum purchase quantity 1 pc...

Product Code: G1031

0.55 zł Ex Tax: 0.51 zł

baby tischler biopsy forceps, titanum, non-rotat...

reusable cervical biopsy forceps. they take samples from flat surface. working length 220 mm. the locking part prevents the tips damage. tytan...

Product Code: G0754

751.22 zł Ex Tax: 695.57 zł

biopsy punch, sterile 4mm

biopsy punch. sterile. uniform stainless steel sharp cutting edge. used for extracting tissue cylinder ? 4 mm, height 7 mm. tissue size 87.92 mm3. used for the extraction of the samples from: vulva, perineum, uterine cervix, vagina or anus area...

Product Code: G0563

20.09 zł Ex Tax: 18.60 zł

cytology fixative - cytofix 150 ml

preparation for preserving samples. about 300 smears. capacity 150 ml. collective packaging 12 pcs. minimum purchase quantity 1 pc...

Product Code: G0003

17.15 zł Ex Tax: 15.88 zł

endo-hystero brush

szczoteczka do pobrania materiału z jamy macicy. zakończona kulką. sterylna. długość części roboczej 25 mm. długość całkowita 245 mm. ..

Product Code: G1195

10.80 zł Ex Tax: 10.00 zł

endoretka - pipette for aspiration biopsy, sterile

endometrial suction curette. 4 slots. length 265 m. ? 2.3 mm. flat handle 30 mm. sterile...

Product Code: G1280

14.20 zł Ex Tax: 13.15 zł

Formalina 10 % 100 ml

colourless, clear liquid. transparent. capacity 100 ml...

Product Code: G0013

21.97 zł Ex Tax: 17.86 zł

Kleszczyki Thomas Gaylor

Kleszczyki Thomas Gaylor do wycinków, metalowe...

Product Code: G1231

471.00 zł Ex Tax: 436.11 zł

Pojemnik na formalinę 15 ml

formalin container. transparent with white cap. capacity 15 ml...

Product Code: G1194

0.79 zł Ex Tax: 0.73 zł

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