allis clamps 150mm

allis metal forceps. length 150 mm...

Product Code: G0592

69.60 zł Ex Tax: 64.44 zł

allis clamps 200mm

allis metal forceps. length 200 mm...

Product Code: G0599

73.20 zł Ex Tax: 67.78 zł

allis clamps 250mm

allis metal forceps. length 250 mm...

Product Code: G0606

75.60 zł Ex Tax: 70.00 zł

anatomical tweezer 100mm

metal anatomical tweezers. length 100 mm...

Product Code: G0327

11.40 zł Ex Tax: 10.56 zł

anatomical tweezer 140mm

metal anatomical tweezers. length 140 mm...

Product Code: G0328

13.22 zł Ex Tax: 12.24 zł

anatomical tweezer 160mm

metal anatomical tweezers. length 160 mm...

Product Code: G0331

14.77 zł Ex Tax: 13.68 zł

anatomical tweezer 180mm

metal anatomical tweezers. length 180 mm...

Product Code: G0329

16.45 zł Ex Tax: 15.23 zł

anatomical tweezers 250mm

anatomical metal tweezers. length 250 mm...

Product Code: G0330

28.75 zł Ex Tax: 26.62 zł

auvard weighted vaginal speculum 140x45mm, 1,40kg

auvard weighted speculum. dimensions 140 x 45 mm. weight mass 1.40 kg...

Product Code: G0656

257.60 zł Ex Tax: 238.52 zł

babcock clamps 240mm

babcock forceps. length 240 mm...

Product Code: G0634

166.80 zł Ex Tax: 154.44 zł

baby tischler biopsy forceps, titanum, non-rotat...

reusable cervical biopsy forceps. they take samples from flat surface. working length 220 mm. the locking part prevents the tips damage. tytan...

Product Code: G0754

751.22 zł Ex Tax: 695.57 zł

backhaus towel clamps

backhaus towel clamp. metal...

Product Code: G0374

27.99 zł Ex Tax: 25.92 zł

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